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Have you reached the summit of brushing your teeth yet? Would you call yourself a master of the art of oral health? Do the slightest signs of plaque buildup face a furious force of floss and brush so powerful they simply do not stand a chance? If so, continue on your quest for optimum oral health care, because the path is ever winding, and the journey must always continue onward. To help you in your pursuit of plaque-destroying perfection, here are some tips:

– A bad toothbrush is like a sailboat with no sail. You cannot expect to clean your teeth if your instrument of cleaning cannot function. Keep your toothbrush clean, stored properly, and in good working condition, replacing it as necessary.
– Sharing toothbrushes is the same as sharing bacteria. Never cross-contaminate your toothbrush with another.
– Just as your teeth need to stay fresh and breathe to avoid a dry mouth which increases the risk of tooth decay, so too must your toothbrush. Avoid contamination by keeping it aired out and free of sealed environments.
– A good toothbrush fits perfectly in your mouth, has soft bristles, is flexible enough to reach all areas of your mouth, and doesn’t cause you wrist pain or discomfort when in use. If you are unable to brush easily, consider using an electric toothbrush.
– Always consult your dentist to ensure your toothbrush and toothpaste are safe and effective and look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance to ensure it meets the standards set by the American Dental Association for safety and effectiveness.

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