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Do you skip your regular dental checkups because you think you don’t need them? If so, you’re making a big mistake. Your regular dental checkups are vital for your oral health, and it’s important to attend your appointments every six months. To help you understand, Dr. Evan Wheeler is happy to tell you the reasons why you shouldn’t skip your appointments.

Reason No. 1: Your dental checkups help you prevent major dental issues, like gum disease and tooth decay. More importantly, the treatment provided is one of the only ways you can remove tartar from your smile, which is a toxic substance that promotes gum disease and deteriorates your smile. It’s vital to remove this substance from your teeth and gums regularly.

Reason No. 2: Your dental checkups include a fluoride treatment. This treatment is extremely helpful for your smile because the fluoride strengthens and nourishes the teeth, which gives them the ability to fight tooth decay and enamel erosion. Your teeth need to be exposed to fluoride often.

Reason No. 3: Your dental checkups allow our dental team to examine your smile and make sure everything is on the right track. If we notice any dental issues, we can provide treatment right away before they get worse. This can save you from extreme pain and even health-harming dental problems.

If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about your regular dental checkup in Fairbanks, Alaska, please call Evan L. Wheeler, DDS, PC at 907-479-8123 at your earliest convenience. Our dental team looks forward to hearing from and helping you!