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Are you familiar with the causes of dental anxiety and what you can do to help limit its effect on your health? Dental anxiety is a condition in which an individual has fears and concerns about visiting our dental office. Although dental anxiety will not immediately cause dental damage, a failure to properly care for your smile can lead to several other oral health risks. For treating dental anxiety, consider the following:

– Dental anxiety is often born out of stress-related issues, so you’ll want to practice meditative therapies and other stress-relieving treatments to help calm your mind and your body.
– Breathing has been shown to be tremendously helpful with your stress and for lowering your risk for dental anxiety. Try working on breathing patterns including breathing deeply and slowly and counting your breaths.
– Always visualize yourself in a happy place during any oral health care procedures you may have. By imagining yourself at a beach or in a garden, you can help lower stress related to dental anxiety.
– Fear of the unknown is often a primary concern associated with dental anxiety. Always speak with our dentist about any oral health care procedures you may need.
– If you’re worried about any concerns associated with pain or discomfort during an oral health care treatment or procedure, speak with our dentist about the use of sedation dentistry treatments.

Are you ready to overcome your dental anxiety so you can receive the oral health care treatments you need for your smile to thrive? Be sure to make time in your life to visit Evan L. Wheeler, DDS, PC for dental anxiety care, and if necessary, to schedule an appointment for a thorough exam of your oral health. Dr. Evan Wheeler and our team can be reached at our dental office in Fairbanks, Alaska, by calling us at 907-479-8123.